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Absence and “Poetry”


Since I last blogged I have been: working; teaching; finishing teaching; sort of doing my PhD; Tumbling; going on small holidays; living in New York for a month; cycling; staring — those kind of things.

Over at my shop blog there’s some stuff about Bookfest; series of bookish events I put on in Oxfam. Was fun and interesting and productive. Must remember to try and do more.

Have been writing my PhD as much as I can.

Have been writing poetry, which is a new thing for me. I have been continually calling it “poetry” but I am going to stop doing that. If you want to read one, go to my Tumblr. I have a small set of poems I am working on. I am going to revise them and then think about if I want to send them to magazines I like.

In line with this new interest I have been attending more poetry events. Last Tuesday I went to the third Selected Poems event at the V&A Reading Rooms, hosted by Alex MacDonald and Stop Sharpening Your Knives. Here are some photos from that event:

Alex MacDonald

Emily Berry

Tim Cockburn

Jack Underwood and Sam Riviere (darkly visible in near foreground) of S/S/Y/K

Charlotte Geater

Matthew Gregory

Maurice Riordan


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