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Sandwich Sunday Reprise

It’s nice when you don’t have to read papers or blogs because your friends fill your Facebook feed with everything you need to know/see/read/hear.

The following things were all either liked by at least five people or were posted by several of my friends separately at various points throughout the day.

Isabella Rossilini and Natural History Museum sex animal films, sort of.

The most illegal thing ever seen in professional wrestling.

Steve Coogan article on the ‘comedy’ of Top Gear.

And therefore also Stewart Lee stand-up on the ‘comedy’ of Top Gear.

BBC Newsnight researcher/writer on why ‘things are kicking off’ around the world.

David Cameron and muscular liberalism.

And my treat: Radio 3 on David Foster Wallace.

So anyway, this is part of why I get pissed off at people who slate Facebook as a waste of time. It’s a communication tool! If you demonise it then you’re unimaginative and undisciplined. I would’ve got very little of this and definitely not the mix that I got without being on Facebook today. (What that says about me is another thing, but yeah.)

For anyone interested in my teaching stuff, tomorrow I will be breaking apart Raymond Carver’s sentences (see previous post for rough preview of this). Last week I made up some autobiographical Black Swan slash to terrify my students. All in a semester’s work.


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