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Been rejecting the blog pretty majorly. Most of my internet exists on Tumblr now.

The Paris Review has been rejecting, too. New poetry editor de-accepts (new term inaugurated by this scandal) a bunch of poets/poems previously accepted for print publication. Some people are really angry about this. One of the poor poets, Joshua Corey, has some smart things to say:

It seems to me that they could have been more creative about this. They’ve got a website – the poems could have been placed in a web-only feature. I’d still be disappointed about not being in the print journal, but it wouldn’t be as galling as having one’s acceptance rescinded.


Not too long ago on my blog, I wrote that young writers shouldn’t put too much faith in institutions; that goes for this not-so-young writer as well. This experience will move me even further in the direction I was already headed, toward placing my trust in peers and comrades in the field of innovative writing to create forums for the circulation of exciting work – with new magazines, Web zines, reading series, etc.

Blake Butler has a good response, as usual.

Seems like it would be pretty shitty to think you were getting published in the Paris Review and maybe like tell your friends and be excited about the prestige and the free copy or two of the issue you’d get and think about maybe framing one of them or even sealing one in plastic and keeping it in a bank lockbox to show your kids someday if you don’t have kids already and maybe even happy about the money though that’s not what you’d tell yourself you’re happy about because it’s really the company your poetry would be keeping that’s the main thing and then it’s like BOOM there go your dreams.

The Paris Review blog hasn’t mentioned this yet — think they might be sort of internet-blackmailed into putting the poems in question online? Would feel ‘cheap’ and perfunctory maybe. Seems like a good chapbook could come out of this. Paris Deview? Partus Review? Paris Rereview?


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