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Three Good Things

1. Have an article up on GLITS-e, Goldsmiths e-journal. “Richard Ford vs Rick Moody”. This is sort of the first chapter of my thesis, but it’s already been hella revised to focus much more on subscription and production issues. This was a bit of a rush job but it’s there.

2. Also have an article on Dave Eggers/Zeitoun in the latest Tough Crowd. Readable online and available in print form in various places around London.

3. Was at a meeting last night for the pretty awesome 826 London project. This is something I’ve been interested in for a while, and there are a lot of people really up for starting this now. The project has enthusiasm/funding/great ideas/support, and all it needs now is a space. Ideally somewhere Tower Hamlets/East London — Lucy and Ben will be releasing a space specification soon, but the basic criteria would be for somewhere visible on a high street with good transport links and a sizeable floor space. I’ll be keeping an eye out while cycling around for something, but if you ever see something that might be suitable, let me or the project guys know!

Oh, this post needs a picture. Pizza roll!


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