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Random-article-at-Wikipedia event

After Chris East.

I used ‘Egon’ as my point of departure.,_Vermont

Salisbury is a town in Vermont. I don’t like that there is a comma in that URL above. I read last week that URLs are going to start being in more languages than English soon. I’m not sure if this is going to start something strange and confusing. Tim Berners-Lee (he invented the internet, you know) said that he regrets making “http://” a part of the internet address protocol. He says it has wasted a lot of paper and time. I think he is writing “http://” too big on his paper if it is taking up a full page.

I haven’t really read the Salisbury page.

I liked this image, though:

I guess that must be Salisbury in red. It would be nice if this was a maze or a game of some kind. I hope no-one wants to bomb Salisbury or they will be able to know where it is by using Wikipedia. Imagine this image was wrong. This is the danger of using Wikipedia.

This page doesn’t have a pronunciation key on it. I think it should be pronounced ‘pyoo-tran-yih-vi-say’. This is most likely wrong. “Members of this family have 2-ranked coriaceous leaves, which, if fresh, typically have a radish-like or peppery taste.” This sounds like rocket. I have never eaten a radish. They used to have them in Pizzaland. Remember Pizzaland? I wonder if there is a Wikipedia entry for Pizzaland. I wonder if it will be my next random article.

This is not Pizzaland. But it is an EP by the Human League, who were also around in the 1980s. This EP was released in 1980. Wikipedia tells me that this is not the good Human League. This EP has a cover of Nightclubbing on it. I would like to hear this. The EP has a very “80s” cover.

It reminds me of something that I cannot remember right now.

Velomobiles are “virtually always single-passenger vehicles.” This prose makes me think that someone has added in ‘virtually’ and ‘always’ at different stages of editing. I looked into this. I was wrong. I think these vehicles are for people too pussy for bikes. I was going down Endymion Road really fast last night and thought I might fall off my bike. It struck me how ridiculous bikes are. This was not an original thought.

I hope you have enjoyed this event.

P.S Chris you owe me some postal stuff. Is “the strike” affecting it or are you on strike too?


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2 Responses

  1. Ryan says:

    I do not remember Pizzaland.

  2. crispin says:

    i tried to do this also but it wasn’t funny or good.
    yours was funny and good

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