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Sandwich Sunday VII

Some themes this week:

Friends making things; TV; moving images; commerce; periodicals.

My friend Ninian made a video for Metronomy for the BBC Electric Proms. He has been working on it very hard. It is a good video. I am happy for him. (You can only view this if you are in the UK.)

I watched a lot of TV today. I am trying to get back into a more regular schedule with it. It helps me “switch off” while paradoxically “switching on”. (That is a joke, but not really.)

I have watched new episodes of Peep Show and Harry Hill’s TV Burp and Mad Men and Curb Your Enthusiasm and The Daily Show and The Colbert Report and Bored to Death and I have been catching up with season 3 of 30 Rock so that I can watch season 4 of 30 Rock as it progresses. I have not watched a TV series regularly since The Sopranos ended. There is something satisfying in seriality. I am viewing it the way it is intended to be consumed. There is a new season of The Thick of It starting next week. I am also excited about that.

There is a good article on the Atlantic’s website about Mad Men. It has some video analysis with commentary, which is becoming a popular and good thing on the internet.

I watched Bored to Death and read an article about its weird potential for hipster attraction/backlash. It has Jason Schwartzmann and Zach Galifianakis and Ted Danson. It is written by Jonathan Ames.

John Freeman, the new permanent editor of Granta, interviewed.

Todd Swift on rethinking Dan Brown and populism.

I found out about Gutter, a new Scottish literary periodical.

I am cold. I am sitting inside a blanket. I think I will see if I have worked out how to turn on our heating yet.


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  1. chiaroscurocoalition says:

    A pretty decent video essay on Mad Men:

    Video Essays have become one of my favourite things on the internet.

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