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I have been thinking recently about curation. I am trying to do these things: 1) be more streamlined in what I listen to/read/watch so that I am only taking on that which a) has proven to be interesting to me previously b) is likely to be interesting to me in future; 2) waste less time; 3) maximise/increase the likelihood of me coming across new and interesting things.

How does this manifest?

My iPod (shuffle) is 1/6 podcasts; 1/2 albums I think I am going to like for a couple of days but may not have listened to all the way through before; 1/3 a ‘random’ pull from my three-star or four-star playlists.

I am thinking about curation as a theme for a chapter of my thesis. McSweeney’s Mammoth Treasury of Thrilling Tales and The Better of McSweeney’s. And, more generally, magazines curate literary culture. Selecting participants. Creating a construct to represent a community.

I am trying to curate my reading a bit better, too. I have usually 6 or so books that I am reading. Concurrent exhibitions. Does showing off about this create part of who I am?

If I profile what I have read/listened to/watched, does that equate to some image of my ‘identity’? What if some guy down the road has experienced exactly the same things? What about some guy in Melbourne? What if a girl in Jakarta has?

Here are some things of the last week:

The first episode of Glee.

Away We Go.

The Aliyah song ‘More than a Woman’.

Half of tonight’s Question Time.

Two and a bit episodes of The Daily Show (two online, one on E4).

Trailers for Pocahontas and The New World.

Lots of trailers and adverts at the cinema.

District 9.

The Football Weekly podcast.

Lots of music. (See

Finished The Sheltering Sky.

Some bits of the Guardian.

The trailer for Inspector Holmes.

An episode of The Moth podcast.

Most of the latest issue of The Drawbridge.

The start of Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison.

Some really good games of football at the weekend.

There are probably more.

So what now?


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