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(500) Days of YouTube

Saw (500) Days of Summer this week. It was nice. Peter Bradshaw’s Guardian review said it was “weirdly incurious about the inner life of its female lead.” I think he doesn’t get it. I think it is more that the film is about Tom’s failure to see the inner life of Summer. But anyway. There is a good scene with a dance in it. (It is on YouTube but you shouldn’t watch it before seeing the film.) Some of the comments on this one scene on YouTube are interesting.


I thought it was good also, as I love Zooey Deschanel. However, I thought her character was a total bitch to him…

When we found out she was engaged after inviting him to that party I was like “Are you kidding me ???”

This is my happy video I’ve watched it so many times and it always makes me smile. 😀

this movie was brilliant

Fan identification:
i LOVE joseph gordon levitt! ❤

this part was hilarious if u see the movie its hilarious becuz hes so happy over something stupid but then after the song hes sad agian

Misunderstanding over-exposition:
Stupid? he got laid by the girl that he fell in love with. I would be dancing too.

lol i think you missed the point

YouTube is weird.
I just got home from watching this movie
&& i said to my friend “i wouldnt be surprised if he just yelled out “I GOT LAID!” lol”
&& when i saw him just saying hello to everyone and then start dancing i was like “what type of drug are they one cause i want it” 😀

does anyone have a link to this movie so i can watch it?


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