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Sandwich Sunday, VI

Just a few this week. I am hungover. I read the Guardian Review in my garden this morning. Two articles were particularly good: one on architecture and change, and one on William Trevor.

Built to change, by Edward Hollis. It is about architecture and change and thinking about architecture. What role do buildings play in how we approach life? They surround us and how we use them constantly changes. Buildings themselves physically change as well. This seems to me a nice analogy for McSweeney’s (and identity/alterity by further analogy). I will think about this more.

William Trevor interviewed by Lisa Allardice. I have never read a William Trevor short story. He is published in the New Yorker a lot. I am going to read some of his stories. The interview makes him sound interesting. I like the sound of how he uses character, how he inhabits his stories. He also looks nice in this photo. He has been married over 60 years. He said that he still can’t resist talking to his wife.


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