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Dear Diary, OK Max is a total STUD! I let him sniff my tail.

I think my summer has been spent well. I had a teaching bursary this (academic) year. I did not have to work. I focused on writing. I wrote a few papers. I wanted to have drafts of all four chapters of my thesis. I have drafts of three chapters of my thesis. I may have time to write a draft of the fourth in September. August feels like ‘the end of summer’. I am moving house soon. I have to get a part-time job soon. I am starting to consider what I have achieved. I have printed out everything I have for my thesis. I am going to read it over the next week. I am not going to write anything. I know there is a lot to improve.

Here are some dates that I have to try and remember. This is probably not interesting for anyone else.

31 August: submit paper for Identity and Form conference possible publication. I will have to write my notes into a “proper” paper. I forgot about this. This changes my idea for what my week would be. This happens to me a lot.

7 September: final deadline for GLITSe paper. I submitted it last week but I think it needs a bit more work in terms of argument. It is very descriptive. I want it to be more contemplative.

10 September: prepare response to my nominated paper for Goldsmiths Exploding Objects conference. I wrote a paper about McSweeney’s as an object. I have to respond to a paper about bespoke tailoring. I am thinking about talking about The Man in the White Suit.

28 September: term re-starts at Goldsmiths. I am excited about teaching again. I am doing the same courses as last year. This means less preparation. This means I know what I will be trying to “communicate”.

14 November: British Association of American Studies conference. I have not heard back yet to know if I am presenting. I think I sent them a cheque. I have just checked when they said they would contact people. They said by 1 September. I would like to present here. I would probably get money to attend if I do.

I am sure there are other dates that I should be remembering. These are the ones in my iCal and Scrivener.


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