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Sandwich Sunday, V

Some nice/new/old things from this week.

Themes: music (more so than usual), books, second-hand books, publishing, creativity, comics, writing.

Jim O’Rourke has a new album out soon. I like Jim O’Rourke. This is his first genuinely new full-length material in eight years.

Song of the Day: a nice friend of mine from Glasgow with good taste is posting good songs every day.

Eric Wareheim (of Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job) directed a video for Major Lazer, a Diplo/Stitch collaboration. It is an excellent song and video.

There was some debate about Oxfam’s bookshops being unfair to independent second-hand booksellers. I am probably on Oxfam’s side but think the debate is interesting.

I chose a fantasy football team for Badgekissers.

Confusing David Foster Wallace literary criticism hoax thing.

Read about the Noosphere.

Fictional characters who can stretch themselves.

Jenny Diski writes about creativity and commercialism.

At McSweeney’s, Mike Sachs talks to Daniel Clowes.

Crispin Best went to Manor House sometime recently and wrote about it.

We went to Manor House last night and Krystal video’d bits of it.

I like this picture:


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