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Sandwich Sunday, IV

Some good stuff from this week, in not much order.

Themes: comics, exhibition curation, ‘indie’, language, publishing, design, review, reviewing.

To start with some thoughts on visiting the Photographer’s Gallery today, based around this image:

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Two Discoveries

I’ve been back in the British Library this week, after going to Berlin and Amsterdam. I’m working on a new chapter of my thesis, as well as a paper for the Exploding Objects conference at Goldsmiths in September.

Yesterday I read a Borges story that helped me find a new way of conceptualising one of my research problems; today I found (by accident) an interesting precursor of McSweeney’s. I talk about both after the jump.

ANON - LITTLE TINY'S BOOK OF OBJECTS with more than Seven Hundred Illustrations.





















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Consecutive Conference

Not that I want this to dominate my blog, but I went to a conference on Continuity and Change in Berlin this weekend. The post below will try to discuss the conference experience more generally, as well as the specifics of my Berlin interactions.

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Conference Concupiscence

So I went to my first conference this weekend past.

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About Me:

My name is Kevin O'Neill and I am in the fifth year of a part-time PhD in the English Department of Goldsmiths, London, UK. I used to teach undergrad classes there (now: not, because there are other PhD students who need teaching experience). I work (most of the time) in the Oxfam shop in Dalston because few people get paid to do humanities PhDs.

My research centres around the literary journal McSweeney's. My interest is developing into what McSweeney's tells us about two separate (but I guess related) fields: 1) literary institutions 2) American cultural production, more broadly. This blog was initially about my PhD but is now a more general thinking space.

See right for my flickr/twitter/delicious feeds, then below for other versions of me.

Email is looceefir on gmail.


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