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Sandwich Sunday

Some links I think people might like while I’m procrastinating on finishing a chapter.

Vaguely intended to be academic-related, in that it’s about what I think about and how these ideas feed into my research, but also it’s just cool stuff.

Good unpacking of Chris Ware’s recent comic strip for an issue of US Wired. The contrast between Ware’s typical style, of writing the loser, seems reversed in this, where he writes the ‘normal’ person’s view of the loser on the other end of the internet.

Dave Eggers interview; have only skimmed so far, but I like the pull quote Kottke made about innovation and change. Though my recent thinking has been qualifying the counterculture’s attack on the mainstream…

New Michel Gondry DVD, which I NEED TO BUY. Check out his spiffy website, also

Speaking of spiffy websites, spend five minutes watching Jarvis‘s site load.

Good Slate article on costs of running YouTube; seems like Google are going to have to find a better business model or just subsidise the heck out of YouTube?

I got into podcasts all of a sudden, and found a nice Wells Tower story to listen to. He’s got a great voice for this, and I’ve been writing a lot about WT as fiction/non-fiction this week, and what his narrative tells us about the labour of literary endeavour.

Lists the author has failed to place in McSweeney’s. Nice short meta gag.

Matt Zoller Seitz finished his series of video essays on Wes Anderson.

This spelling game stole most of my Sunday: Deep Leap.

Ryan Gosling’s musical project, Dead Man’s Bones, have a new song. It’s nice how this project is gathering interest on a really low-burn, just people stumble across them and talk about them, and the mp3s get thrown around, and they have some lovely videos. Some people are talking about the genre ‘ghost’ for their work, but it seems more just some old-fashioned Southern-rock/gospel inspired chanting and yelling, to me. Post-Arcade Fire, or something, but yeah, it’s good stuff.

Also, I want this bag.

And J.G. Ballard died this morning. Had been thinking about him more recently, because of a quote on technology I found of his that really resonated with the annoyance I get when people dismiss things they don’t (yet) understand.

Science and technology multiply around us. To an increasing extent they dictate the languages in which we speak and think. Either we use those languages, or we remain mute.

Here are some photos I’ve taken that remind me of Ballard, or document him in some way.


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2 Responses

  1. Devan says:

    Thanks for the link, Kevin. In case it’s of some use to you in your research, I’ll tell you (1) that the list is non-fiction, as it were, (2) I submitted the list to McSweeney’s with a date noted next to each entry before the last, next to which I wrote “To be determined,” and (3) that McSweeney’s said they avoid anything that refers to themselves.

  2. Kevin says:

    That’s interesting, thanks Devan! I can understand them not wanting to be too self-referential, but your list makes a nice contribution to the way in which the style of McSweeney’s humour spreads around the internet in viral fashion.

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