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Aggregating British Library Tweets

One of my favourite procrastinations of the last couple of weeks has been to search of Twitter for mentions of the “British Library”. Archived in RSS feed in Vienna now. So I’m developing said procrastination into a blog post, and may continue to do so. Partly just as another method of documentation, but also with an interest in taking advantage of Twitter as a tool for showing people how connected they might be, without realising it. If anyone notices their Twitter posts on here and wouldn’t like them posted, let me know. (This in itself is interesting as an experiment for what perceptions there are about Twitter as a form of personal transmission. All these Tweets are taken from a public search feed, protected updates don’t show up, so I’m not doing anything that it isn’t possible to find within a few keystrokes. But in bringing this information together it may reveal concerns people have about personal disclosure.)


fuzzycontext (me): @agentcondo The British Library coffee is pretty awful, yes. The caterers change this weekend, though…

jillianbaker: Hello British Library. Nice to see you again and be inspired by your bounty of books.

zzgavin: In British Library, finally have a readers card, having remembered all the right paperwork, conducive is the word

londonmonk: :mobile-office-mayhem in central London. Back in an old favourite: The British Library.

iainaitch: hello British Library.

fuzzycontext: Experimental live-blog post on aggregating “British Library” tweets;

alikelman: In the IP section of the British Library catching up on my reading – if anyone wants me just Tweet

richardhinder: Researching “Professionalism” at the British Library

iainaitch: British Library connection painfully slow again. Man dressed in retro Baader-Meinhof chic including shades

zoewaterman: is pleased the sun hath returned. british library and picnic in hyde park, yes i !

iainaitch: wondering if we are all connecting via one dialup modem at British Library

MandrewB: british library is proper ram today. london man dem love up their research.

ChicoLee: In the British Library…. And tired!

fuzzycontext: New British Library caterers:; Wellcome is expensive, but looks tasty — see the Millionaire’s Shortbread!

Will update this as the day goes on…


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2 Responses

  1. Gavin Bell says:

    Nice idea, I’m the zzgavin from above. I’m at the British Library working on my book for O’Reilly, Building Social Web Applications, I’ll borrow this example for the book =)

  2. Kevin says:

    Ha, good stuff Gavin! I think Twitter’s potential for social interaction is still massively underdeveloped (outside of tech circles, I mean — specifically academics seem to be just catching up), hopefully little things like this can start pushing things forward. I

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