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Technology and Art

Technology changes the possibilities that artists have.

It also changes their responsibilities.

(Aphorism inspired by some productive thinking this morning on McSweeney’s via Vimeo and YouTube.)

Have been thinking about the White House switching to Vimeo as the main forum for their video updates. (Go watch Obama’s NBA message, btw.) I’m working on some ideas just now for thinking about YouTube versus Vimeo. Their different aesthetics, direction and user base. How Vimeo is more the type of enterprise that governments should encourage — people doing things well, rather than doing them the cheapest/quickest way possible to get as much revenue as possible. Committed to developing in a positive way, and maintaining a stable, organic community.

Going to link this in a chapter to McSweeney’s and their use of a DIY aesthetic, but considering a new perspective on DIY operating within/alongside mainstream culture. Drawing all this together is the latest cover, which REJOICEs Obama’s election victory.

Title of the issue is “Forge-ahead/Throwback”. Returning to old style/semiotics, to show the importance of legacy, past informing future.

With the new possibilities of technology, come new responsibilities. I think McSweeney’s is a new form of DIY, working alongside the mainstream, rather than explicitly rejecting it.


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