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PhD To-Do List

Write proposal for continuity and change conference in Berlin (McSweeney’s as defined by change; the cannibalization of the American periodical tradition; subcultural identity defined against unstable cultural object) – for February 28 2009.

Fill out the chapter outline I worked on for Josh a couple of weeks ago. Teaching got into my head a bit and I got distracted, hence putting something like this online. I have a clear enough idea of my first three chapters, basing them on the presentation I gave at GLITS recently. I aim to have another three after that, but right now they’re generally just brief notes, whereas for my other two I can plot out sections – complete a new version for February 20 2009.

Read more postmodern theory, esp. Jameson and anything on metaculture – ongoing (but focus on in BL later today/tomorrow).

Work on a chapter draft of my synchronic analysis of McSweeney’s 1. I’ve written a lot of stuff in the year and a half I’ve been doing my PhD, but most of it is bunk by now. My recent reassessment of my thinking has meant I’ve not got anything solid that I think is good enough. So I need to start getting that down, probably. Longer deadline for this as I intend it to be something proper – should be in excess of 10,000 words, definitely – for March 27 2009.


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