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Considering Conferences

I’ve been too slack with conferences and publications in my academic life so far – need to rectify this if I’m going to make myself a good candidate for being hired, eventually!

So I’ve spent a fair chunk of today doing something about it. I’m part of the committee that organises the Goldsmiths Literature Seminar, which is in itself good for my CV. Have been trying to galvanise people into organising a conference that we’ve discussed for a while – it’ll be on ethics, the ethics of criticism, that kind of stuff. So that’s check 1 (1.5, if I present a paper, which I probably will – McSweeney’s as a social movement, thinking about surrealism and that kind of thing).

Check 2 is finding conferences I can present at.

Number One: Identity and Form in 20th and 21st Century Literature, Sheffield.

Number Two: The Continuity of Change: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on North America, Berlin.

The problem with researching the aesthetics of a 21st Century literary journal is that my work doesn’t fit into many specific categories. So interdisc. stuff is where I fit, and these two seem good. (And if I could get to go to Berlin? Hot dog!)

Identity and Form would require me to interrogate the social aspect of McSweeney’s more than I have done so far, and the idea of culture being inscribed into the text. And what it tells us about 21st century literature, the tactics that they employ.

For the Change conference, my work does fit in, but a little more laterally. McSweeney’s embodies physical change in a major way, and I’ve already done some thinking about this. The fetishistic, collector reader.

Oh, and for random internet link-up, I started using my tumblr again, if you’re in need of a distraction of some kind.


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