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Considering Conferences

I’ve been too slack with conferences and publications in my academic life so far – need to rectify this if I’m going to make myself a good candidate for being hired, eventually!

So I’ve spent a fair chunk of today doing something about it. I’m part of the committee that organises the Goldsmiths Literature Seminar, which is in itself good for my CV. Have been trying to galvanise people into organising a conference that we’ve discussed for a while – it’ll be on ethics, the ethics of criticism, that kind of stuff. So that’s check 1 (1.5, if I present a paper, which I probably will – McSweeney’s as a social movement, thinking about surrealism and that kind of thing).

Check 2 is finding conferences I can present at.

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First thing: trying to work out a name for the 826-inspired project I’m trying to help get off the ground. Ideas? I’ve been in touch with someone at 826 National and though they were encouraging, they said that they’re not open to new chapters just now – this was always going to a long shot, and just another in the possible ideas we had, but it’s good to know now that the project has to emerge from a UK community, and that should be the focus.

On that front, Anna has written an excellent post on some logistical issues, and suggests starting up a collaborative blog for people interested to get together and share ideas. Transferring this to some kind of PubCamp as Alan suggested post-Bookcamp would be helpful too, but a blog is the place to start I think, to start making connections and ideas.

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In the British Library, trying to refocus on my PhD work as well as ideas for an 826-inspired centre in London – ordered a book of an art show organised by 826NYC (NB: the tendency to have to link to an Amazon page, it’s not for sale on 826NYC anymore, this was mentioned at Bookcamp a few times).

See, Anna, the image is definitely crucial!

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What I Read Today

Took a day off from research at the British Library to wind down after start to the year being hectic with essays, presentations and Bookcamp. So, what did I read today that I found interesting? (decided to live-blog this, for kicks…)

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Bookcamp Post-Game

Hard to get all my thoughts in order after such a productive day at Bookcamp yesterday.

To make this totally selfish, I’ll focus on the session I chaired, and write about other stuff tomorrow probably.

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About Me:

My name is Kevin O'Neill and I am in the fifth year of a part-time PhD in the English Department of Goldsmiths, London, UK. I used to teach undergrad classes there (now: not, because there are other PhD students who need teaching experience). I work (most of the time) in the Oxfam shop in Dalston because few people get paid to do humanities PhDs.

My research centres around the literary journal McSweeney's. My interest is developing into what McSweeney's tells us about two separate (but I guess related) fields: 1) literary institutions 2) American cultural production, more broadly. This blog was initially about my PhD but is now a more general thinking space.

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