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Reading Practice, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love bkkeepr

A little break from my ongoing project of reconceptualising conceptualising McSweeney’s.

A month or so ago a friend recommended I use Book-keeper, or bkkeepr. It’s a tool for keeping track of your reading habits, powered by Twitter. It has various functions, including letting you bookmark what page you are in a page, and when you start and finish a book, but I use it primarily for keeping an online record of every book I encounter in my daily work. My page has been a bit dominated by my teaching reading lately, will pick up as I try and plough through some new stuff over Christmas.

It’s a simple way to just log whatever you encounter, can serve as a back-up for your bibliographic software as a researcher. I use EndNote, but good to know this is also there. And I find it very cool to have a visualisation of the books I use.

Am trying to figure out some new ways to use it, in time. There is no tagging facility yet, but this might be something that gets developed. As it’s reliant on Twitter for its functionality, as this gets new features, so might bkkeepr.

Anyway, another page added to my blogroll, and if I figure out any new ways to utilise this application I’ll post here.


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2 Responses

  1. James says:

    Kevin – very pleased to see “Jennifer: The Unauthorized Biography of Jennifer Aniston by Sean Smith” being put down as academic reading. Glad Goldsmith’s is taking such a forward-looking view of the curriculum.

    Seriously though, very happy you’ve found bkkeepr useful for your work. Although it’s a bit quiet at the moment, it came out of the work and discussion over at, where there’s lots of publishing-related chat.


  2. looceefir says:

    Thanks for the recommendation James, just taking a quick look that blog looks very good, I’ve been trying to articulate my research field more precisely in recent months, and that “ exists to report, catalogue, investigate, stimulate and debate the future of literature” seems extremely useful for me!

    p.s. “Jennifer” is part of a creative detournement project I’m engaged in with a friend, where we deconstruct the conventions of celebrity biography (and the text of Jennifer Aniston herself) through collaborative annotation. This sounds incredibly pretentious, but it mostly ends up in us writing ‘lol’ and drawing cock-and-balls all over the photos…

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