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The Book and the Girl

Story by Brian Evenson.

Summary: Girl has a book. Nuclear holocaust happens. Girl takes book with her when escaping. Girl remakes book as various practical items she needs on journey: shoes, food, blanket. Book becomes so fragmented it cannot help when something bad happens at the end.

How can I use this for a narrative about McSweeney’s?

There’s an obvious possibility in the recycling of the book as objects. McSweeney’s does a lot with finding new uses for the book, or giving the book a new form. The girl as the ideal reader of McSweeney’s, it is her desire that shapes the form of the book.

McSweeney’s/The Book as embodying a two-way relationship, responding to the demands/need of its reader(s). By analysing McSweeney’s we could therefore see what its readers want. Or a representation of what the creators of McSweeney’s think its readers want. The Book in the fable as a perfected version of this relationship, anticipating the desires of The Girl, though The Book has no way of articulating these, communicating these to The Girl. McSweeney’s does have the facility, the capacity, to communicate with their reader.

The Girl as a suffering reader. Minority, subcultural.

The ending as pessimistic for the fate of McSweeney’s?

This bird’s got legs! Try the exercise with more fables tomorrow, but like this one.


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